FALL….the right time to Travel to Albania

With the change of season comes the change of travel. No more desire to lay seaside. The itch to trek through the country side, sip on hot wine and raki, explore an ancient site in the middle of day is the ideal way to travel through Albania this time of year.  A country that is over 75% mountainous with vast mountain tops, sun shining bright during the day but a coolness in the evening allows for a wonderfully deep sleep which is a sure way to prepare everyone that winter is near.Ceoec

Whether you driving through the country entering from one border and out the other, the colors of the land are magical enough to slow you down. Expect to see right wild yellow mums,  red thorny bushes, orange tree tops and lush green valleys, bursting pomegranite trees, ever so sweet presimins and juicy grapes trimming the road side.

Birdwatching lovers can find over a few hundreds different species of birds which will vary throughout the country. New Birdwatching tours/trails have been created and ready to explore.