Gjiri i Lalzit – Clean Up #2

Gjiri i Lalzit – Clean Up #2

 Реечные потолки. Монтаж своими руками

Efforts continue to clean up the beaches along the coast weekly. Instead of mobilizing a WHOLE NEW group it only  makes sense to “tag along’ with the efforts of the National Coastline Agency when possible. Gjiri Lalzit is about a 60 min drive north of Tirana…a gem of a beach…like most things in Albania, the great pleasures and beauty are sprinkled throughout the Albania countryside…its just a matter of finding them. Stretches of sandy beach awaited us and the 80 or students that came to “pick up trash”. Trash that either got swept up from the waters, trash that was left behind, trash that the local Komuna did not pick up. Tourism season is here…local responsibility of cleaning up still lacks in most places along the coast.


IMG_6063 IMG_6059

Just down the road some 25 mins we found ourselves adding to the efforts of Cape Rodonit. The beach was a mess. Fisherman all winter long left behind their nets, weathered ropes, plastic tops, clothing, bottles..lots of plastic bottles.   After a few hours, over 50 bags of trash and many helping hands the area looked cleaner.












In my opinion,  there still needs some more cleanup to do…but much better. I am greatly motivated by the video of HOW TO CLEAN THE  WORLD’s BEACHES IN TWO MINUTES  by Martin Dorey  http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-28373761

My dream – Albanian’s all did the same in their own country.