Making a difference…Maybe?

Foreigners when unveiled that they actually live in Albania full time are often questioned as to why would someone choose to live in one of Europe’s poorest countries? What makes it appealing to call this place home?  I am not speaking of foreigners that get assigned to work here from the Embassy or an NGO,  I am referring average people (or above average) one way or another,  end up coming to Albania and making it their home by choice.

Much to my surprise there are plenty that do just that. From the Yoga instructor, to the Medical doctor to hair dresser, builder, Archaeologist, Dentist and Architect.  What makes Albania a place one would want to stay.  My simple answer  is the common hope of somehow making a difference.

As a small tour operator I find myself cleaning the beaches, delivering books to  run down schools,  talking to woman throughout the villages, trying to inspire local woman in villages that their long tradition of handicraft would be appealing to tourist, supporting campaigns to stop hydro power plants, writing letters to government about all the things that they need to do on behalf of creating better “tourism” practices.  Demand more services, better quality from hospitals and businesses alike .  I truly believe in one small way or another it can make a difference. PUSH PUSH PUSH cause the country needs to MOVE MOVE MOVE in all aspects. I am referring to non-political war fare.  So my small way of making a difference is showing all those that come what the difference is really about by being in Albania.