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Job Description

Interns will be exposed to a variety of tasks related to customer service, assistance with cruise ships, off shore excursions, itinerary planning, and working nearby a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They will gain great insight as to an ancient site and how it directly impacts the local people and region. Interns will be asked to evaluate and assist in quality control related to tours and tour planning.  They will learn about international business development and will be able to understand and apply a sustainable solution to their projects.  Interns will experience daily life of a operator working in a third world country and the challenges and differences cultural tourism has, as well as the direct economic impact the business has.  A major project will be given aside from daily activities in the office.  Interns will work with the historic sites and monuments and compile database for marketing. They will also be exposed to the great outdoors which will be mostly warm weather.


Applicants must be a current undergraduate student. Experience in historic preservation, tourism, economic development and education are all areas of interest that can be applied. A candidate that understands customer service, marketing, creating presentations in Prezi, and is computer savvy is preferred.  Intern should also have an interest in: tourism development, sustainability, program implementation, sales and marketing, international business relations, coastal preservation and economic development in a country that is striving to enter the EU. If you feel your attributes are not listed and just have great passion, feel free to share how you can be a great fit and still apply.


Position Duration

6-10 weeks beginning duration during June – August, 2017.   Interns will be expected to work flexible hours. Due to the fact that it is high tourism season in the Med, a schedule will be discussed. Monday through Friday, 8:30 m to 4:00pm, on average a forty hour work week. This internship can be combined with another in-country internship if needed. If arrival is prior to June 15 time spend in the capital Tirana is recommended for a short period of time to get acquainted than duration of the program can be in the south of Albania. Students in the past have divided there time in both the capital and south and found it most beneficial.



Our Own Expeditions is located in Saranda, Albania– a seaside town. Arrival point either Tirana International Airport (4 hour drive to Saranda) or Corfu with a 50 min ferry ride to Saranda. Small shops and markets all located in city center. Almost everything is within walking distance. You wont stay in one place too long….a willingness to see the country is a must!


This is a monthly unpaid internship.  Interns are required to provide their own food, linens, laundry supplies, and incidentals and in country travel.  Housing is available.


Application Process

To apply, you must complete application found here.  This includes a purpose statement, resume, and one to two letters of reference (academic or employer) to Application deadline is April 1, 2017.  You will be notified by email shortly after, and if chosen as an applicant, will be asked to participate in an interview via Skype.

Available Opportunities

  1. Tourism Assistant –
  2. Marketing Assistant
  3. Tour Guide Assistant
  4. Office Assistant
  5. Concierge
Geo Tourism Development Assistant
Graphics Designer and Marketing Assistant

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