Sailing our Way

Over the past few years we see a lot more activity along our shores. Our ports are getting busier. More and more people are headed to our beaches either for holiday or even for one day. With over 3 ferries operating daily from Corfu island it is a great way for those that have frequented Corfu for years to add another stamp to their passport. For 20 euros you can hop on the ferry and be in Saranda in 30mins. If you are sailing your private yacht stopping along the way from Croatia or Montenegro  – Durres, Vlore or Saranda ports are a great way to break up the trip. How exciting to go back home and say you visited Albania this year! I can almost guarantee it will make for an interesting conversation piece amongst your friends.  We are seeing many families entering the country via Corfu and travelling North.With nearby countries such as Kosova, Macedonia and Montenegro travelling cross border is easy. Great for those that want to travel to more than one destination and visit the Western Balkans altogether. There are rental cars, drivers, mini buses and lots of resources. As I have said for so many years…..there is EVERYTHING in Albania you just have to know who to ask.kahovka-service