Spille Beach #1

Spille Beach #1

Saturday Mornings may not be the same(at least for the next 10 weeks)  ….as we pack up the family and head south west of Tirana headed towards Kavaja our day begins. One and half hour drive and we find ourselves in front of an un-spoiled beach in the country – Spille. Joining forces with the Albanian National Coastline and the Volunteer Corps we begin to clean up one of the 10 beaches targeting this season for cleanup.  Three buses of volunteers, energetic kids, some friends and off we go.Монтаж листов металлочерепицы



Spille Beach in nestled along the coastline in the outskirts of Kavaja. During the Communism era this remote place was a an exiled camp. where Enver Hoxha sent many “divergents”. You can only imagine how remote and distant one may feel surrounded by Toscana Valley’s on one side and the sea and sandy beach on the other. Aside from a few scattered communist buildings and bunkers along the way…this is a little paradise.   The valley’s are rolling,  lush green farms are popping up throughout the landscape, and cows and chickens roam free.  One can’t wish  if only the locals can STOP building some of the most unpleasant homes with NO architectual appeal whatsoever…in fact 90% of the homes built in the country can be classified as eye sores. Yes, this may sound like a cry for help, but sadly its true.  If homes can blend into the landscape, use natural materials and become energy efficient…this region can be heaven on earth.


The beach itself stretches for about 4 miles long.  Yellow soft sand makes it a perfect place for the children to play. There are a few scattered cafe’s, where you will find refreshments and coffee throughout the day. But overall its best to pack your own brown bag.


Four hours later, over 100 trash bags collected, the beach is not perfect, but much cleaner than it was.