Tis the season in Albania

Tis the season in Albania. For a country that has gone through so much  turmoil and  struggle over the past 23 years, one can finally say that the country is finally making  a turn and it feels like Christmas.  Even though this time of year was traditionally celebrated by engaging in festivities for the  NEW YEAR ONLY, its feels like Christmas too! Celebrating the holidays in Albania has become quite festive and still a good deal in comparison to the neighboring countries. Tirana for the first time (thanks to the NEW mayor) has dedicated most of the  festivities and lots of activities geared around families and children…the forgotten sector over the years. Sheshi Mother Teresa is blocked off and dedicated to spreading the cheer. Filled with small wooden houses, local artisans selling there charms and hot wine to warm your belly. Streets are adorned with  holidays decorations and puts us all in the mood. Don’t forget to check out the charming town of Korca which  is transformed into a little christmas wonderland with skiing options nearby. Once this desolate, dark, gray blighted country now welcomes you to taste the holidays “Albanian style”.berryjam.ru