Tourism in Albania for 2015…are there really any changes

Tourism in Albania for 2015…are there really any changes

 Монтаж листов металлочерепицы

I know there are a lot of Travel bloggers out there. Some are really really good…so good that they find a way to travel the world, stay at nice places, taste great food, drink wine  all for pretty much FREE!  They lead “hosts” to believe (and sometimes its true)  that there followers will follow.   But for the small operator like myself…one that is living here, doing tourism,   promoting GEO Tourism what can a travel blogger, or new person coming to Albania really expect? Have things really changed in the past 10 years since I have been doing tourism?

In some ways Yes, very much so. Locals have finally become accustomed to many strange faces visiting there towns. Previously a  new face would generate a certain buzz for miles….and that is without cell phones. Today, there is a sense of competition for the strange faces. The “town gossip” is no longer a foreigner has visited but how many have come.

This is COMPETITION at its best…now the refinement of how to be competitive while increasing the standards goes a long the way. So for 2015, what I can say for sure is…..people are working harder at earning the travelers business. Whether it be upgrading their guest rooms or making an extra guest room or learning more English. Its no longer a in-country competition as it is regional. The region is on the radar for adventure travelers, cruise ships and the “thinking traveler”. Welcoming foreigners and providing them with an authentic experience. I know we will never be a Venice but this small 3.2 million country with crazy landscapes, scattered bunkers, unscathed beaches, shepherds and farmers all illustrate everyday life in real Albania.   As for  2015, travelers can expect  more than ever  a bigger welcome to the country.