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Albania: in Byron’s footsteps

Albania: in Byron’s footsteps

It was close to midnight, without a soul on the road, and Auron Tare eased the Land Rover into high gear. A full moon pushed through the windshield. The motorway was new and gun-barrel straight until, suddenly, it wasn’t anything at all. We shot off the end of the road and into a cratered dirt field. For a moment, we were airborne.Синтомицин I wailed as the engine whined and a feeling of weightlessness expanded inside the truck. We slammed back to earth, bounced around and came to a crawl, shaken but fine. Read More... read more

Tis the season in Albania

Tis the season in Albania. For a country that has gone through so much  turmoil and  struggle over the past 23 years, one can finally say that the country is finally making  a turn and it feels like Christmas.  Even though this time of year was traditionally celebrated by engaging in festivities for the  NEW YEAR ONLY, its feels like Christmas too! Celebrating the holidays in Albania has become quite festive and still a good deal in comparison to the neighboring countries. Tirana for the first time (thanks to the NEW mayor) has dedicated most of the  festivities and lots of activities geared around families and children…the forgotten sector over the years. Sheshi Mother Teresa is blocked off and dedicated to spreading the cheer. Filled with small wooden houses, local artisans selling there charms and hot wine to warm your belly. Streets are adorned with  holidays decorations and puts us all in the mood. Don’t forget to check out the charming town of Korca which  is transformed into a little christmas wonderland with skiing options nearby. Once this desolate, dark, gray blighted country now welcomes you to taste the holidays “Albanian... read more

FALL….the right time to Travel to Albania

With the change of season comes the change of travel. No more desire to lay seaside. The itch to trek through the country side, sip on hot wine and raki, explore an ancient site in the middle of day is the ideal way to travel through Albania this time of year.  A country that is over 75% mountainous with vast mountain tops, sun shining bright during the day but a coolness in the evening allows for a wonderfully deep sleep which is a sure way to prepare everyone that winter is near.Ceoec Whether you driving through the country entering from one border and out the other, the colors of the land are magical enough to slow you down. Expect to see right wild yellow mums,  red thorny bushes, orange tree tops and lush green valleys, bursting pomegranite trees, ever so sweet presimins and juicy grapes trimming the road side. Birdwatching lovers can find over a few hundreds different species of birds which will vary throughout the country. New Birdwatching tours/trails have been created and ready to... read more

Happy Birthday to me…

Celebrating one’s birthday each year during the summer time in south Albania is easy and fun. For something that may take hours of preparation, these last minute planned events can’t get any better with the back drop of mountains, hills, sea and fresh catch seafood. As we off-roaded through the back area of Butrint for about 20 mins, we settled along the beach in a thatched style little cafe for some shade and cold beer. We feasted on the famous “wild Qefull” fish..white, filets with very little bones grilled to perfection. These “brackish” waters is home to some of the most well known fish in the region. During the 15th-16th Century during the Venetians period… archives indiscate the fish was so desired that Ventians in Butrint transported it back to Venice for upper class delight. Along the beach you will still find signs of Roman period bricks for the once existing Monastary and baths that existed 2,000 years prior. But before we began our party celebration we kicked off celebration with a 2 min beach clean-up. This is one of the consequences as to being so closely related to the Coastline Agency in Albania with their second year in a row “action” of cleaning our beaches.... read more

Sailing our Way

Over the past few years we see a lot more activity along our shores. Our ports are getting busier. More and more people are headed to our beaches either for holiday or even for one day. With over 3 ferries operating daily from Corfu island it is a great way for those that have frequented Corfu for years to add another stamp to their passport. For 20 euros you can hop on the ferry and be in Saranda in 30mins. If you are sailing your private yacht stopping along the way from Croatia or Montenegro  – Durres, Vlore or Saranda ports are a great way to break up the trip. How exciting to go back home and say you visited Albania this year! I can almost guarantee it will make for an interesting conversation piece amongst your friends.  We are seeing many families entering the country via Corfu and travelling North.With nearby countries such as Kosova, Macedonia and Montenegro travelling cross border is easy. Great for those that want to travel to more than one destination and visit the Western Balkans altogether. There are rental cars, drivers, mini buses and lots of resources. As I have said for so many years…..there is EVERYTHING in Albania you just have to know who to... read more
Gjiri i Lalzit – Clean Up #2

Gjiri i Lalzit – Clean Up #2

 Реечные потолки. Монтаж своими руками Efforts continue to clean up the beaches along the coast weekly. Instead of mobilizing a WHOLE NEW group it only  makes sense to “tag along’ with the efforts of the National Coastline Agency when possible. Gjiri Lalzit is about a 60 min drive north of Tirana…a gem of a beach…like most things in Albania, the great pleasures and beauty are sprinkled throughout the Albania countryside…its just a matter of finding them. Stretches of sandy beach awaited us and the 80 or students that came to “pick up trash”. Trash that either got swept up from the waters, trash that was left behind, trash that the local Komuna did not pick up. Tourism season is here…local responsibility of cleaning up still lacks in most places along the coast.   Just down the road some 25 mins we found ourselves adding to the efforts of Cape Rodonit. The beach was a mess. Fisherman all winter long left behind their nets, weathered ropes, plastic tops, clothing, bottles..lots of plastic bottles.   After a few hours, over 50 bags of trash and many helping hands the area looked cleaner.                     In my opinion,  there still needs some more cleanup to do…but much better. I am greatly motivated by the video of HOW TO CLEAN THE  WORLD’s BEACHES IN TWO MINUTES  by Martin Dorey  http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-28373761 My dream – Albanian’s all did the same in their own country.... read more