To the unlearned tourist, indeed, Albania is a puzzle of the highest order

Edward Lear - 1854


Who we are?

Our Own Expeditions was established over 25 years ago. We are a boutique travel operator that executes best practices and geotourism principles. We are passionate about sharing the history, food, wine, art, music and natural wonders of our country with the “Thinking Traveler.” We believe people that visit Albania are truly curious, interested and adventurous. So whether you are a historical enthusiast, like to dabble with adventure, experience the local culture or feast upon a true “farm to table” food experience, we create those moments. Our ongoing preservation efforts reinforce our deep commitment to historic preservation, authenticity and sustainability. We are excited to share with you our VIP tours and programs designed for our guests with utmost confidentiality. We will make your trip your own experience, your own expedition.

Protect, Preserve, Promote

We understand the reason one visits Albania, so we work hard at trying to preserve the very same thing you’ve come to experience first hand…our land, traditions and heritage.

Peek Inside our country

Peeking inside our country will entice you to see more! You won’t be able to experience everything in one visit, but it’s a start.


Albania’s landscape ranges from high peak mountains, gorges, valleys, river, lakes to an endless countryside. Geotourism helps us protect these natural wonders.

Thinking Traveler

Are you a thinking traveler?

Our guests are typically well traveled individuals. They want to experience the culture, history, and natural beauty of one of the last former-communist countries to open up its borders. Step back in time and catch a glimpse of what still remains of an authentic Albania.

What Our Guests Are Saying

What a great trip to Albania, Macedonia & Greece we had! What a beautiful country! Thank you hugely for putting together such a wonderfully balanced journey. Our patient guide and knowledgeable, Kela was excellent! I think she showed us all the best spots in the time we had, and with a bright smile, she could talk the stone faced guards or policemen into getting her way. The food was excellent and she made sure I had a dairy-free meal. I felt very taken care of, safe and spoiled. A great trip all the way around! thank you! Thank you very much, warm wishes. HELGA & LARRY - JUNE 2014 USA

I am late in writing this, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our tour of Gjirokastra with your guide Matilda.  Our Cunard cruise on the Queen Victoria was supposed to go to Ephesus, but with the tension in Turkey we went to Albania instead. We knew nothing about Albania before the trip and learned so much from Matilda.  The countryside was beautiful and Gjirokastra was great.  I have recommended your tour and especially Matilda to friends and family.  I hope to get back to Albania sometime so see more of your country.

Amy U. - November 2016

Our tour of Albania with Our Own Expeditions was impressive. Their knowledge, interest and love for the country are very very evident. Our Leader Auron and Kela the tour guide went out of their way to make the trip pleasant, despite the obvious difficulties in a country like Albania. I personally enjoyed Gjirokastra and the Kelcyra Gorge the most, as well as Saranda. But the people in Albania have a lot of work yet to do to put Albania on the tourist map. IAN B. - 2013

We had a great trip!  Demir was terrific and we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Albania. MaryKate

Our tour was perfect Kela was really good and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. We are planning a trip to Tirana next time we are in Greece the border crossing on foot was also a unique experience NIK & MARK - JUNE 2014

“The Albanian Mountains are not for the faint-hearted, it is for real travelers of spirit who have read Thesiger and Chatwin – and want to experience a European equivalence, with stunning scenery, unique traditions still alive and a peace of mind around.” Lindberg Group- May 2015